Chef K's Kitchen

  • Why eat whole grains?

    Warning: Lots of text, but lots of info! Pictures at bottom! Whole grains get talked about a lot. In the media, on restaurant menus, they seem to be everywhere. Mainly what gets talked about is their healthy benefits and how many “grams of whole grain” are in an item. But what is a whole grain, why […]

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  • Food Photos

    UFood Grill Delicious + Nutritious

    Recently I took some really nice food photos to spruce up our menu photography. Enjoy! Let’s start with what everyone likes to see: a big, juicy burger. Grilled grass-fed beef, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and house made pickles, with Swiss cheese, and UFood Burger Sauce, all on a whole wheat bun. A mouthful to describe, and […]

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