Ingredients That Add Up to Beautiful Business for 2016

Salvatore Rincione - CEO, UFood GrillMaybe you’ve read the headlines, surfed the website or ordered off the menu.  Whatever the case, there’s a freshness to UFood Grill that has positioned our award-winning fast-casual restaurant on an exciting journey at a historic time for our business. A lot of many wonderful changes have taken place since I became CEO of UFood Grill in March of 2015. And it’s with serious purpose that our brand is better than ever. Here are just a few of our incredible milestones:

  • A brand new menu that once again raises the bar for our business while still championing our position to offer Delicious + Nutritious food. That menu includes: chicken, beef, turkey and veggie burgers, Unfries, steak tips, wraps, bowls, salads and Paninis prepared fresh using natural and organic ingredients, whole grains, light cheeses, and freshly-made dressings. Meals are low in calories, fat and sodium and are made to order. Nothing is ever fried. Beverages include real fruit smoothies and specialty teas.
  • A brand new logo
  • A brand new website
  • A brand new store design that is mainstream, and is in tune with today’s culture, featuring new technology that is attractive to our customers. With USB Charging stations at your table, as well as a self-serve ordering station to avoid the long lines at the counter, the UFood Grill prototype in traditional and non-traditional destinations invites our guests to enjoy the experience.
  • A growing list of franchise agreements to expand the network. From college campus food courts, to in-line traditional restaurants, to U.S. Air Force Base locations and more, the UFood Grill network is rapidly expanding with plenty of additional room to grow.

We have been very busy as you can clearly see. And our momentum is only getting stronger as demand expands for our menu and our franchise opportunity.  And to support that interest, we are serving up a great team at our corporate headquarters as well. For 2016, we have added a new Director of Operations and Training as well as a New Corporate Chef. I am extremely excited for what this year has in store for the UFood brand. This year we will be opening multiple locations in Maryland and Virginia, as well as the Boston-Massachusetts area where the company is based. I invite you to check out our new restaurants as they emerge and stand out from the field in a very competitive market. Once you’ve tried UFood, you will be hooked on our food that’s not only Delicious, but also Nutritious. We are at the center of an important national movement to bring healthier dining options to a growing customer base. People are demanding better food, healthier ingredients and total transparency. While old QSR chains are trying to save their consumer base, shed unfavorable brand identities and catch up, UFood Grill is in a leadership position to expand what we already do so well. Many companies aspire to evolve in the QSR Industry. But very few have all the elements required: the right team, the right strategy and a solid plan for growth. UFood Grill has proven that it has all three in abundance. As the CEO, I can’t ask for a better foundation.