Here in New England Spring is having trouble getting off the ground (currently Sunny and a brisk 39 F). I am already thinking about summer, and not just because of the chilly weather, but because of some new food plans at UFood Grill.Like all people who have lasted a long winter, I make my summer plans before Spring is halfway over.

Summer means fresh, natural flavors to a chef; enhancing only slightly the bounty of fresh produce that has been unavailable for the winter. Using ingredients to their fullest has inspired me to try out a couple of new things at UFood: Chipotle Grilled Salmon and a Summer Harvest Veg Medley.

I can think of nothing better in the summer than grilling fresh salmon, lightly dusted with spices. I like to coat mine in a little olive oil to prevent sticking and bloom the flavors of the spices:


Delicious Salmon

Salmon is delicious with fresh greens or a whole grain salad, making it the perfect protein for a summer UBowl. I drizzled a chipotle sauce over greens and steamed brown rice and quinoa, and topped it all with passionfruit salsa:


All finished!

Now for the vegan crowd among us, I have developed a different summer option: the Harvest Veggie and Almond UBowl. Roasted red peppers, summer squash, carrots, kale,  and chick peas, all on top of steamed grains and garnished with toasted almonds


Veggie goodness

One last plan I have for summer is adding grilled avocado to our menu. Its simple, delicious, and has a deeper flavor than fresh sliced avocado:


Plus it just looks so beautiful

Those are my summer plans for now, but the with way things usually turn out, there will likely be more to come. Let me know what you think should be on our menu for the summer!